Respawn says season 15 of Apex Legends will not have permanent LTMs

Despite fans' pleas, it looks like LTMs are staying limited.

In season 15 of Apex Legends, Respawn intends to continue its policy of keeping limited-time modes (LTMs) temporary.

In a press event, design director Evan Nikolich was asked if any LTMs would become permanent in season 15. He said that no LTMs will become permanent “at this time” and reiterated the team’s commitment to and focus on the battle royale core of Apex. “Never say never, but at this time, no, [they will] not be permanent,” he shared. This likely means that there are no near-term plans for an LTM rotation or anything similar.

Nikolich gave a similar answer during season 14’s press conference when asked if Control in particular would become permanent. During that event, he shared that if LTMs became permanent, the development team believes they would lose much of what makes them special. Control was introduced in season 12 and has quickly become one of the game’s most popular LTMs, with players begging Respawn to make the mode permanent or put it in rotation with other LTMs.

Nikolich and Respawn’s repeated denial of permanent LTMs has not stopped the community from asking for them. Some have asked for the developer to replace Arenas, Apex‘s only permanent non-battle royale mode, with a rotating selection of LTMs from different events. Others simply want more modes available besides battle royale. It’s clear that fans are interested in more long-term ways to play their favorite LTMs, but as of season 15, it looks like the development team is dedicating themselves to improving the battle royale experience.

Apex season 15, known as Eclipse, begins on Nov. 1.

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