Respawn releases new Apex video, possibly teasing a previously leaked map

Could this be our first hint at a new map?

Respawn has released a new Apex Legends video featuring Seer that appears to be a teaser for season 14.

In the animated video, Seer is grilled by a reporter about his home planet of Boreas, which has been in turmoil since the destruction of its moon. Many of Boreas’ residents blame Seer for the loss of the moon, which the reporter indirectly accuses Seer of. Unable to give an answer, Seer leaves the interview, which cuts to another story about the success of Silva Pharmaceuticals. The video was accompanied by a tweet that reads, “You can never quite see it all.”

The video most likely functions as a teaser for more Seer lore content in the upcoming season 14, but some are speculating that it’s also a teaser for a new map. Back in March, leakers claimed to have uncovered nine new legends and an upcoming battle royale map. The leaked map was reportedly titled “Divided Moon,” which fits in with the video’s extended discussion of Boreas’ moon. Since the leaks, other hints have pointed toward the existence of a Boreas-themed map, including a magazine in the new Clinic POI on Olympus whose cover reads, “Boreas news: CRC in a deadlock about the moon’s future.” The same magazine also hints at updates to Kings Canyon.

While Respawn hasn’t commented on the massive leak or the Clinic teasers, all signs seem to point to a Boreas map arriving in the near future. It’s unclear whether it will arrive in the upcoming season 14, which will begin in August. If the map is still early in development, it may not join the live game for a few seasons.

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