Respawn pushes Apex Legends update fixing a pair of recurring bugs

It took a whole week to fix.

Respawn Entertainment introduced a hotfix to Apex Legends to urgently fix a series of bugs last night.

One of those bugs had a serious impact on the game, leading to crashing for PlayStation 5 players while in lobbies. It took a week for the developers to investigate the issue and fix it with the update, according to Respawn’s Trello board.

The other bug mentioned in the announcement surfaced when players gifted items.

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Meanwhile, players are still discovering new content introduced with season 15 and can collect new winter-themed skins with the Wintertide collection event. It launched on Dec. 13 and will last until Dec. 20, offering new skins for Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and more.

The next season is expected to launch around February 2023, so players still have plenty of time to complete seasonal challenges and get the battle pass rewards.

Not much has been revealed about what the next season will entail. ImperialHal has given a few pointers to potential balance changes, but they’re still shrouded in mystery.

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