Respawn playfully takes jab at ‘sweaty’ Wraith mains with new Heirloom animation in Apex

Every Apex player knows one—or maybe it's you.

Respawn Entertainment is very aware of its community surrounding Apex Legends, and every once in a while, it will drop a tongue-in-cheek nugget of fun for the players to really enjoy.

Today’s update for the game’s new season, Revelry, is no different. The new patch features a welcome addition with one hilarious Easter egg for Apex players, specifically one that pokes fun at the “sweaty Wraith mains” of the community.

The “sweaty Wraith main” has been a meme in Apex for a long time now, with it being basically common knowledge that the community’s “sweatiest” and most “try-hard” players will play as Wraith and spam her Heirloom animation.

Wraith’s Heirloom animation, the bread and butter for all sweaty Wraith mains everywhere, received a wonderful update to better reflect what it feels like to slide around the Outlands as a kunai-equipped Wraith.

As captured in the video above and seen at about the 39-second mark, Wraith will pull out a handkerchief, dab her forehead a few times, and then squeeze it to ring it outand it is absolutely drenched with sweat. And rightfully so.

This could be just the beginning for Heirloom animations being updated in Apex. The meme potential for the rest of the roster is large, but it seems like Respawn did the right thing by updating Wraith’s first.

This one will be a tough act to follow, but at least Wraith mains everywhere will no longer have to worry about sweat getting in their eyes as they push enemy teams by themselves.

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