Respawn knows about Apex’s ‘force reload’ hack and will fix it this week

This hack has been labelled as "worse" than aimbots and wallhacks.

A fix has already been found for a “force reload” hack that prevents Apex Legends players from doing anything in a fight against cheaters and will arrive on the live servers later this week, according to Respawn Entertainment security analyst Conor Ford.

Using this hack, cheaters can get grenades that explode instantly and force opponents to reload as soon as they receive damage, preventing them to do anything in the fight.

Apex players started reporting this hack last week, calling it “worse” than aimbots and wallhacks since they simply have no way of outplaying them. Players raised awareness on this issue and begged Respawn to ban cheaters using the new method in a recent Reddit thread.

“I’ve experienced that and I would’ve never thought to blame cheaters for it,” wrote one player.

Players also expressed concerns over cheaters being able to control their characters through this hack. Usually, most cheaters use methods to make them nearly unbeatable, but it doesn’t change how opponents can play the game.

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With Apex season 16’s release last month, cheaters have found ways to exploit flaws in the update and ruin games for others by controlling their gameplay.

Other hacks forced them to shoot indefinitely, drop infinite ammo, and hold on to their abilities. The fix that’s set to be introduced to live servers later this week might be linked to all the hacks that can change how opponents play, or solely target infinite reload.

Meanwhile, Respawn is also busy fixing bugs that are plaguing the game since the season kicked off. The devs are working on fixing performance and stability issues on Xbox, as well as the Team Deathmatch UI, according to the tracker Trello.

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