Respawn just gave Apex Legends’ biggest lore heads something to get excited about

Now it's easier than ever to get into Apex's story.

Apex Legends lore fans, strap yourselves in, because the universe’s story is getting some special treatment from Respawn Entertainment.

It’s difficult to properly release lore in a live service game like Apex, but a new Lore Hub on the game’s website should make things way easier for players to keep track of should they miss a storyline or step away from the game for a time period.

Apex uses video drops like Stories from the Outlands, comic books, in-game seasonal story drops, seasonal launch trailers, and more to tell the story of the game. Now, it can all be found in one spot, making it easier than ever to catch up or just relive a favorite moment.

It may be hard to believe, but Apex is now four years old, so there’s a lot of lore for players to catch up on. The tool is especially handy for newer players who may have no idea what’s going on in-world but want to experience it themselves.

Apex’s newest season, Revelry, began today and celebrates the game’s fourth anniversary. While this season does not include a new legend for the first time ever, there’s a new weapon and a complete overhaul to the game’s class system for players to enjoy.

Games like Destiny 2, Fortnite, and other live-service games that tell a story through content drops, trailers, and other cutscenes may want to take note and add a one-stop-shop lore hub of their own.

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