Respawn is removing Apex Legends’ most famous pay-to-win iron sights

The change was made in the name of competitive integrity.

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is adjusting one of the game’s most forgiving iron sights after widespread community complaints.

In a short blog post shared on social media, the developer revealed that it will be changing the iron sights on a handful of skins, including the infamous Heat Sink Flatline skin, when the upcoming Beast of Prey event begins.

The skin, which has been around since season four, originally included a hole in the center of the iron sights that made it easier to see enemies when aiming down sights without an optic equipped. Respawn has now covered that hole, requiring players to look over the top of the sight rather than underneath it.

The difference can be seen in two screengrabs shared by the developer:


The iron sights before the change.Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment


The iron sights after the change.Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

Respawn is also changing the Revelations Flatline skin, which was originally available during season 13’s Gaiden event. The developer believes that the “fins” on either side of the skin’s iron sights were making it difficult for players to see around the gun, so the team shortened them to streamline the skin’s ADS view.


The Revelations skin before.Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment


The Revelations Flatline skin after.Screengrab via Respawn Entertainment

The changes were made in an attempt to make all guns’ iron sights feel more fair. Previously, some players believed that the Heat Sink’s more forgiving iron sights made it a “pay-to-win” gun, with those who wanted a competitive advantage able to pay for the skin to increase their odds. Respawn also wants to emphasize the importance of optics as attachments: iron sights are specifically designed to be a little more difficult to use to encourage players to look for better sights.

Despite the changes being made in the name of fairness, many pros and high-level players weren’t thrilled about the news. Noko led the charge with an acidic response, sharing, “So instead of making iron sights barrable, you decided to nerf it? Heatsink was one of the best skins because the iron sights were manageable until you found a sight. Instead you chose the easier option instead of the right option.” Gnaske and Monsoon agreed, with the former calling the adjustments the “weirdest, and arguably worst change” the game has seen yet.

The Beast of Prey event begins on Tuesday, Sept. 20.

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