Respawn is fixing Apex’s biggest ranked glitches, and may be giving out presents after too

The RP losses have been wonky.

Ranked points in Apex Legends should be getting a much-needed fix soon, with Respawn Entertainment taking action on the new issue today.

The Apex developer posted on Twitter to keep players up to date and let everybody know it’s working behind the scenes on some fixes for ranked play, most notably having to do with some pesky RP-related bugs.

According to Respawn, ranked points, or RP as they are known in the battle royale, has some issues right now. Some unlucky Apex players are being inaccurately demoted, and that will be fixed soon along with a visual bug that’s inaccurately displaying RP loss.

These fixes will be much welcomed to Apex ranked players everywhere, but this is just the beginning of the good news. Respawn said it’s “looking to make an exceptional, one-time RP restoration” for players as wellbasically, apology rewards.

The developer didn’t specify if the RP will be coming to specific affected players or any who have played ranked play recently, but Respawn did promise “more info on that soon,” so ranked grinders frustrated with the current bugs have something to look forward to. And no one is in any position to be saying no to some free RP either.

Apex’s 16th season, celebrating its fourth anniversary, began on Feb. 14 and is now loaded on all platforms. The hype around its drop saw Apex hit a huge new player spike.

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