Respawn director eyes path to new IP, while fans demand Titanfall 3

New isn't always better.

Titanfall game director Steve Fukuda is working on a new game, but it isnt the great news fans of the franchise have been dying to hear. Instead, its almost the exact opposite.

Speaking to Axios Gaming on May 2, Respawn director Vince Zampella shared that Fukuda was back at work but instead of revisiting Titanfall, he and his small team will be crafting an entirely new IP. Adding insult to injury, when speaking of this new project Zampella said: The mission is to find the fun in something new.

Needless to say, Titanfall fans are more than a little peeved after waiting more than half a decade to find the fun a specific something newanother Titanfall sequel.

When the interview began doing the rounds on social media today, as youd expect, Titanfall fans rolled out in force to slam Respawn for forgetting about Titanfall or simply begging that a third game in the series be on the cards.

One Twitter user responded to IGN dismissing the new IP and asking for Titanfall 3 instead. Many echoed this sentiment. Others reacted by accepting the reality Titanfall 3 seems to have been thrown to the wayside at Respawn, at least for the time being.

The last update on Titanfall 3 and its development came late last month. At the time, Zampella said there are no concrete plans for any sequel to be made right now. It has to be the right thing, Zampella said in an interview with Barons in late April. If it is not the right moment in time, the right idea, then it just doesnt make sense.

While Apex Legends, Respawn’s massively popular battle royale, does exist in the Titanfall universe, long-standing fans have always maintained the ability-themed game has never quite scratched the itch of those fans looking for more mech-based FPS action.

Perhaps Fukudas new IP will prove to be an adequate supplement for Titanfall until that idea Respawn is waiting for does finally arrive.

One thing thats certain is there are thousands of diehard Titanfall fans eagerly awaiting any chance to sink their teeth into another adventure set in the futuristic franchise.

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