Respawn devs investigating Apex Legends Xbox controller issue plaguing game

The devs are looking for a fix.

Apex Legends players on Xbox have been encountering an aim-breaking error since the battle royale launched its collection event, and it has finally been bought to Respawns attention.

Players have noticed that there has been an input delay issue plaguing the game, which has made it difficult for Xbox gamers to effectively compete. 

While the controls in Apex are typically fluid and responsive, some players have noticed slow, lag-induced, unresponsive movements during their matches.

In a post on social media, Respawn shared that it is currently investigating these reports and is actively working to resolve them.

While Xbox players have reported these issues across the range of serviced devices, the most popular seems to be the Xbox Series X and as for controller, some noted having the issue while using Microsofts Elite gamepad.

As youd expect, players are not happy to have this issue pop up during the new event with some asking for the update to be rolled back so that players can make the most out of its limited run.

The collection event has seen the introduction of many new Apex skins. These follow the events theme of Monsters vs. Mechs and you can check out a glimpse at them here.

While it is great news that this issue has been acknowledged by Respawn, there is still no indication of when it will be repaired as this is the latest post from the developer regarding the ongoing problem.

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