Respawn appears to accidentally buff ‘heal dash’ Vantage bug in Apex Legends

That doesn't seem like an intended interaction.

A patch intended to fix a handful of bugs in Apex Legends appears to have unexpectedly buffed Vantage’s “heal dash” bug.

The so-called heal dash allows Vantage to cancel certain animations and receive a burst of speed if she uses a shield cell or battery at just the right moment. Originally discovered by content creator theh1d, Vantage players must start using a shield cell or battery, then hold their directional key or joystick in the direction they want to go in before canceling the heal. Doing so will throw Vantage in that direction, giving her a burst of speed. The dash can also be combined with her Echo Location tactical.

Content creator and ALGS competitor Digvibezz shared a comparison video of Vantage’s heal dash prior to today’s patch and after its release. In attempting to fix a bug that allowed Vantage to use her knockdown shield if she was knocked while in the middle of an Echo Relocation jump, it appears that Respawn has mistakenly added extra power to the heal dash.

After the patch, heal dash now gives Vantage even more speed, especially when combined with the jump. (Digvibezz’s video mistakenly reads “season 12” rather than “season 14.”) Respawn has not yet responded to reports of the heal dash, but it’s likely that the interaction is unintended and will be patched out in the near future.

Today’s patch also fixed a few lingering bugs that popped up at the beginning of season 14, including the inability to upgrade weapons in Arenas and a crash caused by collecting a teammate’s banner while wearing Seer’s Heartthrob skin or Rampart’s Wastelander skin. Despite the changes, players are still looking for fixes to prestige rewards, with many claiming they aren’t receiving the correct rewards for leveling up. Respawn is still looking into the cause, but the dev team intends to release a fix this week.

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