Reload canceling will be removed in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Commanding Force update

Think twice before you reload your weapon in the open.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Commanding Force is introducing a significant change to the reload system requiring players to think twice before reloading their weapon. 

Currently, the reload system allows players to cancel the reload animation at any time. This means players can cancel the action if they encounter an enemy with little trouble, which negates the benefits of pushing a reloading player. 

The new reload system removes this feature, as the magazine will no longer return to the weapon once the reload animation has begun. Canceling the reload animation will no longer maintain the same amount of ammo in the magazine. Players will only have one bullet in the chamber if they still have some ammo left over, or theyll be stuck with no bullets. 

One bullet is all you need if you can hit a headshot, however, so youll have to make the final shot count. 

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The purpose of the change is to align with the strategy and tactics present in Siege. Every action has consequences, including reloading. Players will need to be conscious of when they reload, as it will leave them vulnerable to enemies. Communicating with teammates when reloading is crucial to ensure they have your back as you reload your weapon. 

Players can expect other updates in the first season of Year Eight, including the new operator Brava. There is also a new Reputation Penalty that will prevent toxic players from communicating with others by default, and the new Mousetrap update will punish players using a mouse and keyboard on consoles. 

Operation Commanding Force launches on March 7. 

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