Rell embraces her full engage tank fantasies with upcoming LoL midscope changes

Make way, or pay the price.

An underused champion in League of Legends that players have been vocal about since her release is finally getting some love thanks to a massive overhaul to her kit.

Rell, the Iron Maiden, is about to get her abilities tuned with a previously-announced midscope update now available for testing on Leagues PBE. While the changes are rather substantial to all of her abilities and innate stats, her mounting and dismounting gameplay remains intact, complete with more ways for her to engage her foes.

It is not yet clear when this midscope update will be available on the live servers since Riot recently reverted Iverns midscope, which was set to release in Patch 13.10.

To no longer hinder players upon dismounting, Riot has given Rell the attack speed of a normal melee tank champion but has also lowered her movement speed and armor/magic resist growth. This is compensated by her reworked passive, which steals a percentage of armor and magic resist from enemies she attacks with either her basic attack or abilities and stacks up to 15 percent.

Rells Q is not the primary ability to max thanks to it now briefly stunning enemies it makes contact with. Because of how strong this crowd control effect is, its range has been decreased and it no longer heals Rell slightly upon impact, though it will still break any shields that enemies have cast on them.

The form-changing effect of Rells W remains similar to its previous iteration but now rewards her further for dismounting with a burst to her attack speed and range. Dismounting will also now slow Rell by 15 percent rather than lower her movement speed to a static 280.

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As noted upon the initial reveal of Rells midscope update, Riot has completely removed her E tether ability and replaced it with a new one, known as Full Tilt. The passive effect of this ability will provide her with a substantial out-of-combat movement speed buff while mounted. When the ability is activated, she and a nearby ally will gain a burst of movement speed that is doubled toward enemies.

Riot also appears to be allowing players to bring Rell into the jungle thanks to damage multipliers toward jungle monsters on both her Q and reworked E. This will result in a rather interesting playstyle for the champion, however, as her lack of damage often ties her to working directly with a carry championthough her crowd control is certain to make her ganking potential very strong.

As this midscope update is in the testing phase, it is more than likely that aspects of her kit will be changed further as players note her strengths and weaknesses, with some of these updates potentially even being removed. It is not yet clear when Rells midscope update will make its way to the live League servers.

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