Reinhardt hitbox issue ‘no one is talking about’ may actually help your Overwatch 2 win rate

Inconsistent or brilliant?

Reinhardts offensive charge ability has been dragged under the microscope as the Overwatch 2 community vents about its inconsistency.

A group of frustrated playersDot Esports can only assume most are Reinhardt mainstook to Reddit on March 13 to highlight several issues that have been plaguing the OW2 tank for some time now.

The problem, which some claimed no one talks about has to do with how dicey Reins charge can be in the heat of battle. In most cases, its quite hit-or-miss, even if you aim it properly. Itll sometimes pin someone whos believed to be safe, but miss a player whos in prime position to be squished, leading to many frustrated Overwatch gamers.

As it turns out, there might actually be a reason for the madness. Players pointed out the inconsistencies could be due to an unseen pattern in each charge.

One player believed Rein can be 10 feet in front of them and its already too late. Another OW2 player pointed out Reinhardt’s charge hitbox tends to favour enemies on his left (likely a dev coding decision) and after watching the clip a second time, there seems to be a pattern emerging. If you didnt know about this important detail, don’t stressplayers whod been playing Rein for seven years admitted they werent aware either.

The Overwatch 2 community has been bombarded with tank issues for so long theyre clearly on edge. Orisa, Roadhog, and Symmetra all had bugs that made them almost unplayable, but Reinhardt seems to be squeaky clean for now.

This knowledge might encourage a whole new generation of Reinhardt Overwatch players who use the charge to its ultimate potential. Prepare to rage beyond compare.

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