Reigning VALORANT world champions dominated Twitter in 2022, but Japanese esports is the biggest surprise

Champions on the server and on social media.

VALORANT saw monstrous growth across 2022 especially in its esports ecosystem, with growing viewership across domestic and international tournaments, capping off the year with a record-breaking world championship event at Champions.

Not only did LOUD acquire a world championship in VALORANT, but they also led the way in engagement as a brand on Twitter among esports organizations. Per data gathered by Brendan Husebø, a social media content analyst who previously worked for Fnatic, LOUD crushed total engagement on Twitter, with over 19.7 million engagements across 2022 on their @LOUDgg channel, excluding retweets and reply tweets directed at other pages.

That number is more than the next three esports brands combined: Sentinels with 5.87 million engagements, Crazy Raccoon with 5.34 million engagements, and G2 Esports with 5.01 million engagements. LOUD has competed in League in the CBLOL since 2021, but their world championship VALORANT team brought the org to new heights this past year.

On average, though, it’s a different member of VALORANT royalty on top. Sentinels actually had the most engagement on average across 2022, with 14.4K engagements per post.

But as a whole, the most noticeable rise in prominence came from Japan overall. Crazy Raccoon finished third in overall engagement and second in average engagement, and Japan owned three of the four top spots in average engagement: Crazy Raccoon, ZETA Division, and TSM Japan.

TSM Japan’s growth between 2021 and 2022 has been monumental, due to the popularity of their Apex Legends squad, who just won the ALGS Split One playoffs. Fnatic Japan also saw exceptional growth as well. Across Japan as a whole, VALORANT has become wildly popular, turning Japan into one of the top regions in terms of viewership.

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