Redemption arc? TSM subs in Tactical during 2022 LCS Championship series against FlyQuest

The 22-year-old is getting another shot to prove himself on the LCS stage.

After spending a month with TSM’s League of Legends Academy team, Edward “Tactical” Ra has been called up to the main roster during the team’s do-or-die playoff series against FlyQuest today.

With their 2022 LCS Championship hopes on the line, TSM made a major switch during their five-game set against FlyQuest in the lower bracket of the tournament by bringing up the 22-year-old AD carry. It was a surprising move that caught both fans and analysts off guard right before the third game of the day.

The team replaced Tony “Instinct” Ng in the bottom lane following a relatively lopsided loss in the second game of the series, where the rookie marksman failed to find the same amount of success on Zeri that he did in game one. He simply wasn’t able to find any angles into the teamfights, while FlyQuest’s composition dominated with great engage and a ton of damage at their disposal.

The last time Tactical was seen with TSM’s main roster was back in July during week three of the season. During this time period, the former perennial champions were scrounging for any signs of success but could only muster up a disappointing 2-5 record. As a result, the coaching staff opted for a major lineup switch by replacing their bottom lane.

This is also a chance at redemption for Tactical and not just for his career as a starting LCS ADC. Recently, he and TSM Academy were eliminated from the 2022 LCS Proving Grounds by FlyQuest Academy. It’ll be fun to watch his Draven in action as he tries to elevate TSM into the next round of the LCS Championship lower bracket.

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