Recent return of extremely rare Overwatch skin could signal hope for game’s biggest collectors

Blizzard showed that they're willing to open the vault.

Overwatch 2 has a massive variety of hero skins, and while Blizzard has given players multiple opportunities to obtain most of the games cosmetics, there are a few that stand out because of their rarity.

There are more than a handful of skins from Overwatch that were only available to players one time through special in-game challenges. Though the challenges were often easy to complete simply by playing the game, if a player happened to be taking a week away from the game, they could have easily missed out on Mercys Dr. Ziegler skin or Anas Bastet skin.

But this week, Blizzard opened the door for a return of old weekly challenge cosmetics by introducing a Zenyatta skin to the shop that was previously among the rarest in the game. The Epic quality Subaquatic Zenyatta skin was originally available through a weekly Overwatch Archives challenge in April 2021.

This is the first time that Overwatch 2 has introduced a weekly challenge skin to the games cosmetic shop, and for many fans that may not have played when the skin was released, it may be the first time that theyve learned the skin existed.

Even in the games hero gallery, challenge skins like Subaquatic Zenyatta arent viewable, even if a player uses filters to try to see them. Along with adding skins through mini-event challenges, Blizzard also included a few skins that could be earned through weekly challenges during larger events, like Overwatch Archives and other holiday events.

Over the years, there are numerous cosmetics that have ended up being practically hidden from players who maybe took a break from the game for a few months, but if the recent inclusion of Subaquatic Zenyatta is more than just a one-off, Blizzard just unlocked a huge vault for cosmetic completionists.

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