Reap what you sow: Trash-talking CS:GO pro suffers instant karma in overtime

First step: defuse. Second step: taunt.

A pro CS:GO player has learned the hard way that trash-talking is meant to be after youve won the round. During EPIC.LAN on Feb. 25, a battle between Ankara Messi and 25AVG ensued ultimately, leaving one player, Faite, defusing. As Faite starts defusing, he turns an inch too far, pushing him off the bomb, and resulting in no time to save the round.

The reason he turned was because he was trash-talking. This mistake cost the team the game in overtime, with 25AVG winning 1916.

Now, the blunder (first reported by has since spread across the CS:GO scene like wildfire.

In EPIC.LAN, the teams sit incredibly close to each other, leaving only room for trash-talking. 

Mistakes of this magnitude arent a foreign occurrence in CS:GO. A classic moment would be Summit1Gs death to his own molotov after managing to pull off what appeared to be a round-winning play. Another would be the very frequent occurrence of teams like G2 failing to defuse the bomb with no enemies alive. 

Pro CS:GO is filled with blunders that have etched themselves into the FPS history, and another now enters the FPS hall of fame. To be fair, it wasnt a large-scale tournament, but its still the epitome of U.K. Counter-Strike and funny nonetheless.

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