Ready, set, go: Team Liquid swiftly establishes WoW Race to World First lead

But watch out for the reining champs that still haven't started their Mythic run.

Team Liquid almost immediately took a stranglehold on the World of Warcraft Dragonflight Race to World First as soon as they stepped into Vault of the Incarnates on Mythic difficulty today.

While the guild spent the first two days of the race doing split raids and dungeons to gear up, once they finally started pulling Mythic bosses, bodies hit the floor.

The guild quickly matched the progression of all the guilds that started Mythic before them by killing the first two bosses of the instance on their first attempt for each. The group downed Eranog in three minutes, and they killed the Primal Council in just under four.

Blizzard buffed the damage of some abilities for Terros and Sennarth, but that couldnt stop Liquids progress. The group took out each of the bosses in five and 12 attempts respectively, establishing a little bit of space between them and the competition before going back to running dungeons so they could get a little bit more gear for Kurog Grimtotem.

Liquid is the most geared in the world with an average item level of 399.3, according to Warcraftlogs, but dont expect that item-level advantage to last long. As the reigning RWF champion Echo presumably begins progression later this evening, there will be a notable spike in the group’s item level as they down the first Mythic bosses. 

Being able to use information from Liquids kills, Echo will almost assuredly roll through the first four bosses just as rapidly, if not faster. As many experts typically opine, the Race to World First hasnt truly started until Liquid and Echo are progressing on the same boss at the same time.

Luckily for WoW fans, that could be the case sooner rather than later.

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