RE-45, Devotion reportedly move to Replicator pool in Apex’s season 14

Season 14 is bringing plenty of changes to the meta, far more than just weapon availability.

New seasons in Apex Legends usually bring changes to the weapon pool by shifting their availability and sources. For season 14, players can expect to find the RE-45 and the Devotion in the Replicator pool, according to a report from TheGamer’s Ben Sledge.

Putting the RE-45 exclusively in the crafting pool is an experiment to encourage players to craft an early-game weapon, the developers told TheGamer, and the gun will have Hammerpoint Rounds at its disposal to sweeten the pot. Likewise, moving the Devotion to the crafted pool will give players an avenue to get it early on if they have the materials for it.

Respawn Entertainment has experimented with putting weapons in the Replicator since season 11, when the Flatline and Longbow entered the rotation. Weapons in the crafting pool will not drop as ground loota strategy that helps alleviate the congestion in the loot pool, which worsens every time a new weapon joins the Apex arsenal.

Having Replicator-exclusive weapons also gives players a surefire way to get their hands on specific firearms as long as they have the materials to craft them and are within proximity of a Replicator. And, of course, finding one in an enemy’s death box is still on the table.

The change to the Replicator pool is an expected part of recent Apex seasons. In addition to it, Respawn changed the ammo types for the Wingman and the Spitfire, making them use sniper and light ammo, respectively. The Volt and the G7 Scout are also leaving the Care Package rotation and returning to floor loot when Hunted launches. The Bocek and the Rampage will take their spots.

Weapons aren’t the only element that will see adjustments next season. The self-rez ability intrinsic to gold knockdown shields will be removed, and instead, the gear item will have the gold backpack’s Guardian Angel ability. Gold-rarity backpacks, on the other hand, will grant Deep Pockets and let players stack three shield batteries or medkits and two Phoenix Kits per inventory stack, increasing their carry capacity.

Apex‘s season 14, Hunted, launches on Aug. 9 alongside the new legend, Vantage.

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