Raze Ultimate only has one use, and this VALORANT fail is perfect reason why

First step: aim.

One Raze main has shown the worst way to use their ultimate this week, leading some members of the VALORANT community to claim it’s bugged beyond repair.

The Raze-in-question shared their terrible misplay in a clip posted on Reddit, showing the whole world a move where they fired their projectile ultimate at an opposing Neon. While the idea was maybe a decent one, the Raze rocket had ideas of its own and ended up flying well and truly behind its intended prey.

In an attempt to understand why the Raze rocket missed its target, the VALORANT community donned their deerstalkers in that same Reddit thread on May 24, only to realize it was simply an aim issuenot actually any kind of glitch.

On the same topic, the community elaborated the rockets hitbox is actually unbelievably tiny, meaning Raze players have to either aim at the ground beneath their VALORANT enemies or even aim at the dead center of their body.

Players determined this type of rocket ultimate system makes the most sense. Since VALORANT hinges on pinpoint movement and aim, a rocket that can obliterate a whole team might send the game into chaos. It seems the best way to use Razes ultimate ability is to shoot directly at the ground, thus avoiding the possibility of her tricky rocket flying.

Despite her ultimate requiring the utmost precision, her pick rate remains in the top four agents, according to stats site Valorbuff.com.

The grenade-throwing duelists arsenal of utility makes her an incredibly effective way to break through an opposing defense, and it seems her ultimate is more of a second thought. Shes picked 33.6 percent of the time in VALORANT matches, only being beaten by crowd-favorites like Reyna, Jett, and Sage.

Shes also a popular pick in the pro scene. The only other duelist that rivals Raze is Jett. Raze sits at a very solid 34 percent pick rate, with Jett flying out ahead at 72 percent throughout all of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Americas League.

Her difficult ultimate doesnt nerf Raze completely. Just remember to aim down.

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