Rascal earns 1,000th kill in LCK against DWG KIA

A major achievement by the renowned top laner.

KT Rolster’s Rascal has hit another major milestone in the LCK.

In today’s series between KT and DWG KIA, the renowned top laner claimed his 1,000th kill in the Korean competition, becoming the 20th player in history to do so. Many of his today’s eliminations helped KT to sweep DK with a 2-0 score, which allowed them to climb to fifth place in the standings.

In the series against 2020 world champions, Rascal accumulated a 4/5/19 KDA ratio, being put on challenging champions, Gwen and Ornn. Despite having negative kills to deaths ratio, his top side control was pivotal in securing the clean victory for KT.

Rascal is one of the most well-known LCK players as of now. The player has been competing at the highest level in South Korea since the 2017 LCK Summer Split, where he started subbing in for Khan at Longzhu Gaming. In the same year, he attended his first League of Legends World Championship, although still as a substitute. With time, he became the starting top laner for Kingzone DragonX, but it wasn’t until Worlds 2020 when he traveled for his second World Championship and became a Worlds starter, this time as Gen.G’s top laner.

The 24-year-old wasn’t the only player to hit individual milestones in Friday’s series between KT and DK. KT’s Aiming and DK’s Canyon reached their 1,100th and 900th kills, respectively, while deokdam secured his 1,000th assist.

Rascal and KT will return to action next Thursday, August 4, when they will face Fredit BRION.

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