Ranked play, Dome and Museum maps, and several new game modes land in Modern Warfare 2 next week

This is the big CoD update players have been waiting for.

The wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s season two is nearly over, and Activision has finally shown off what players can expect when it goes live next week.

The highlight for MW2’s multiplayer is the addition of ranked play, featuring a Call of Duty League ruleset, a full-fledged ranking system, and ranked rewards for players to grind for in the ladder.

“This feature-packed, stand-alone competitive Multiplayer mode uses CDL-approved rules, restrictions, maps, and modes all while rewarding players with exclusive items and visible skill ranks to show off with pride,” Activision said. “Work your way up through seven Skill Divisionsfrom Bronze to Iridescentall the way to the Top 250, where your name will be displayed on a special Top 250 leaderboard. Earn Skill Division Skins based on your highest rank for that Season, including a set for finishing a Season in the Gold Division or above for the first time, as well as unique rewards given out each season.”

Season two features a new season pass, which has 100 tiers of items to unlock, including two new weapons in the ISO Hemlock assault rifle, Dual Kodachis melee weapons, and KV Broadside shotgun. Further weapons, including the Crossbow and Tempus Torrent marksman rifle, will be accessible throughout the season.

Four maps are coming in the new season, including MW3’s Dome, Valderas Museum in a return from the MW2 beta, and two new large maps in Zaya Observatory and Al Malik International.

New modes joining the options in MW2 are Infected, Gun Game, Grind, All or Nothing, One in the Chamber, Drop Zone, and the return of Hardcore mode, which will replace the current Tier 1 offering.

Season two’s large update will also include numerous improvements to the game like a new maximum Prestige level, a new Operator named Ronin, a new Raid episode, and several changes to Warzone 2 and DMZ. It goes live next week on Feb. 15.

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