Rammatra’s ultimate can become almost worthless thanks to this form-switching Overwatch 2 bug

When using Ramattra's ult, make sure not to get this unlucky bug.

Ramattras slow progression into familiarity with Overwatch 2’s fanbase has led players to realize when his ultimate gets the most value, and when it doesnt. Annihilation allows Ramattra to instantly shift into his Nemesis form, and do damage over a wide area while slowly draining health from his enemies. Doing damage in this ultimate makes it last longer, but what if you werent able to do that damage?

One Reddit gamer was playing Ramattra like usual on Route 66 defense on May 1 when they used his ultimate. But they didnt shift into Nemesis form. Instead, they were stuck in Omnic form questioning if their ult was even working.

Whether it was or wasntand it did seem like it failed in the OW2 clipthe ultimate was used, leaving the Ramattra player in a much weaker position than they expected.

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This is a bug that, while rare, can be replicated consistently if players hit the right timeframe. Due to Ramattras dual-form gameplay where players can switch between forms, it can lead to some weird interactions with specific abilities. Ramattra goes into Nemesis form whenever they ult, no matter what.

In this case, this clip is what happens if you use Annihilation as his regular Nemesis form ends. The game registers the player as Omnic form but using ultimate at the same time.

Especially since players know Annihilation is a close-range ability, getting Omnic form shuts down all the value the ultimate provides. Now, instead of pummeling your foes, youre stuck with the long-range Void Accelerator and enemies can not only focus you down easier, but also just run away and avoid the ult. Though it is tough to replicate, players can aim to employ this bug, but for competitive value, it only makes your ultimate worse.

Luckily enough for this unfortunate OW2 player and their clip, their team committed a lot of heals to keep him up, even if the ultimate didnt work the way it was supposed to.

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