Ramattra’s origin story in Overwatch 2 tells the tale of a split omnic

There are two sides to every story.

Overwatch 2 developer Blizzard Entertainment used the Overwatch League Grand Finals to show off the game’s next hero: Ramattra.

In an origin story video that premiered at the Grand Finals this evening, Blizzard spun the tale of Ramattra, the omnic leader of Null Sector. Originally, Ramattra was a war omnic, designed to fight on the front lines. Despite his programming, he longed for peace and support for his fellow omnics, which drove him to join the Shambali under Mondatta. It was during his time in the Shambali that he developed a close relationship with Zenyatta.

Despite Ramattra’s work for peace and harmony between humans and omnics, he couldn’t ignore the ongoing war and the death of his fellow robots all around him. It became clear to him that humanity didn’t want peace. Rather, he believed they were actively working toward eradicating omnics. After watching humans and omnics clash for so long and becoming frustrated with the slow path to peace, he became the leader of Null Sector, an omnic group that was willing to fight back to be respected and listened to.

This is not the first time Ramattra has appeared in the Overwatch franchise, though it is the first time he’s been given a name. Longtime players might recognize him as the omnic who spoke to Doomfist at the end of the Storm Rising mission during the Archives event. At the time, his name and identity were not revealed, which led many players to refer to him as “Null Hector.” Many also correctly speculated at the time that he was the leader of Null Sector.

Ramattra will be playable in Overwatch 2 starting in season two, which begins on Dec. 6.

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