Ramattra’s full Overwatch 2 ability list reportedly shown off at Korean PR event

Destruction inbound.

The ability list for the next addition to Overwatch 2’s roster of heroes, Rammatra the tank, has appeared online based on information reportedly shared at an Overwatch 2 event held in Korea earlier today.

The images and the abilities listed on them, which have not been confirmed by Blizzard’s PR team in the U.S., show exactly how the newest tank hero and the “omnic visionary” Rammatra would use their split forms and projectiles to control the battlefield, as shared by OW2 insider Naeri.

Their primary weapon, called the Void Accelerator, reportedly fires a projectile with its left click and creates a barrier on a target location with its right click. Ramattra’s E ability, called Vortex of Gluttony, fires a field of nanospheres that detonate on the ground, creating a force field that deals damage, pulls enemies, and slows them, according to the leak.

Ramattra’s Shift ability is reportedly called Chastisement and transforms the hero into their Nemesis mode for eight seconds. Nemesis form appears to be for up close and personal fights: left click attack is now a melee attack that generates shock waves, and the right click reduces Ramattra’s speed but also their damage resistance. In Nemesis form, Ramattra also gains 150 additional defense to their health.

Ramattra’s Q ultimate, Destruction, automatically activates Nemesis form and creates a zone around it that deals continuous damage, according to the leak. Additionally, the ability stays active as long as the zone is dealing damage to enemies.

If these abilities are confirmed to be Ramattra’s, then the new hero has the potential to be an overwhelming force with incredible damage-dealing powers and some decent sustainability. Of course, we’ll have to wait until Ramattra and their official ability list are revealed.

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