Rainbow Six Siege’s newest operator, Brava, is coming as a part of Operation Commanding Force

Attackers have a new way to counter defender gadgets.

The first Rainbow Six Siege season of Year Eight, Operation Commanding Force, is introducing the new Brazilian operator Brava and her disruptive Kludge Drone gadget. 

Brava is a three-speed, one-health attacker who uses her Kludge Drone gadget to disrupt or destroy enemy electronics. The drone can change the allegiance of electronics, meaning defender gadgets can deal damage or impede the defending team.

For example, a well-placed Kapkan trap is perfect for damaging incoming attackers, but the Kludge Drone makes the devices just as deadly to the defending team. This new gadget opens new possibilities for attacking teams when pushing toward a bomb or hostage. 

Brava is one of the most significant updates in Year Eight season one, but fans can also expect other quality-of-life and gameplay changes. 

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The new Mousetrap feature will detect mouse and keyboard users on consoles, activating a penalty that adds lag to their inputs. The change hopes to curb those who are trying to gain an upper hand on console players without them knowing it. New Beginner Challenges will also help novice players onboard into Siege, and the new reload system will force players to think twice before canceling a reload animation. 

A new reputation penalty for toxic voice chat users will mute repeat offenders by default, preventing them from disrupting games. Fans can also expect balancing updates to Zero and the Play Section UI.

The test servers for Operation Commanding Force open for players on Feb. 21. Year Eight season one Operation Commanding Force will launch on March 7 on all supported platforms. 

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