Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare introduces new privacy settings

Enjoy more ways to protect your identity.

Rainbow Six Siege players will have a few new privacy options that add ways to conceal their identity in online matches in Operation Vector Glare.

Privacy is important to most players, especially in online games. Some prefer to remain anonymous, which isnt always possible. But new privacy updates introduced in Year Seven Season Two are adding new options for players looking for an extra layer of security.

Screenshot via Ubisoft

Players can now navigate to the privacy tab in the settings menu to enable several new options to conceal their identity, among other useful features. Players can now use a new nickname when they play, concealing their real in-game. There are also options to hide your avatar, rename other players, add a hidden matchmaking delay, and hide region and latency.

These options were created with streamers in mind to prevent other players from ruining their experience. But all players have access to these helpful features. They can also be enabled or disabled as needed, so feel free to experiment with them. 

Operation Vector Glare also introduces Sens, the new Belgian attacker that can create a wall of light to protect their team. Sens also has the new POF-9 assault rifle at their disposal, giving players a new weapon to master. Casual players can enjoy the new Close Quarter Team Deathmatch map, and all players can enjoy Phase One of the Reputation System. The new Shooting Range and Operator Guides are the perfect way for new and returning players to get accustomed to Siege without diving directly into a match. 

Operation Vector Glare releases on June 7. 

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