Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Red is getting rid of pre-round friendly fire, among several quality-of-life updates

Fans can expect several notable changes to improve the overall experience.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Red is bringing multiple quality-of-life updates to the game, improving several aspects to improve the experience for the player base.

Operation Solar Raid is the final operation of the year and is ending 2022 with dozens of changes and updates. One of the most notable changes is the removal of friendly fire during the preparation phase, removing the chances of damaging a teammate before the round begins.

Zofia and Capitao players can also rejoice. These operators will no longer have to equip their devices to change ammo types.

Bomb site markers have also been updated to help Siege players see them in-game, and drone speed is no longer slowed down on controller when moving diagonally.

Fans can even expect new color customization options for operator devices and Observation Tools to help players identify which devices are owned by teammates. All operators now move at the same speed when aiming down sights, leveling the playing field regardless of operator speed.

Operation Solar Raid will also introduce the new defender Solis and the new multiplayer map Nighthaven Labs. In addition, the last season of the year is introducing crossplay and cross-progression, allowing players to enjoy the game on any console or platform with their friends.

Players wont have to worry about the new map being banned during the season, either. The Rainbow Six Siege developers want to ensure all players have the opportunity to try the new area. Nighthaven Labs is designed to challenge players as they navigate the map, so work together with your team to avoid being flanked. 

Operation Solar Raid launches in Siege on Tuesday, Dec. 6. 

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