Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid is revamping the ranked experience with Ranked 2.0

The new ranked experience is finally here.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raids Ranked 2.0 update is significantly changing the ranked playlist, altering how players rise through the ranks and play with their friends. 

Operation Solar Raid is the final season of Year Seven and is adding a new operator, map, and tons of content. One of the biggest updates is Ranked 2.0, completely revamping the competitive playlist. 

Each rank now has five divisions, and each division requires players to earn 100 Rank Points to advance to the next division. A new rank, Emerald, is also being added between Platinum and Diamond. 

MMR is now called Skill in Siege and is separate from your rank. It no longer determines your rank, but it does determine how fast you rank up. The Skill value is hidden for all playlists and will carry over between seasons. There are no longer ranked placement matches because the Skill rating doesnt reset. 

In addition, the squad MMR restrictions are gone, meaning you can queue with any friends regardless of their rank. A new algorithm will adjust the matchmaking regardless of the Skill level of squad mates. MMR adjustments or resets due to cheating are now adjustments to your Rank Points or reset your rank and do not affect your Skill level.

Finally, players will receive one reward for each rank division they achieve throughout the season, which will be granted at the end of the season. 

Ranked 2.0 and the other exciting updates to Siege are launching with Operation Solar Raid on Dec. 6. 

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