Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor adds permanent arcade playlist and updated Shooting Range

There are plenty of tools and options for new and casual players.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Dread Factor is updating the Shooting Range later this month with a new Aiming Lane to help players learn the ropes, as well as a new permanent arcade playlist for a casual experience. 

The Shooting Range is an excellent tool for new players trying to learn the game mechanics or veterans who want a bit of help learning new weapons or gadgets. The new Aiming Lane coming in Operation Dread Factor is adding another helpful tool that will make it even easier to master weapons with new options. 

The Aiming Lane includes several target types, adjustable moving speeds and distances, and other customizable options. There is even a new breakable wall option in the Shooting Range, which allows players to figure out how many shots are needed with each weapon to destroy the object. 

Casual players can also enjoy the new permanent arcade playlist in Operation Dread Factor, which provides an easygoing experience without the stress of casual or competitive matches. 

The new permanent arcade playlist includes notable modes like Headshots Only, Snipers Only, Golden Gun, and Deathmatch. The playlist even introduces a new game mode called Free for All, where players battle the entire lobby to survive. 

Year Eight, season two of Siege is also adding the new Swedish Defender Fenrir, who can obstruct enemy vision with his Fear Effect. Consulate is getting a rework in the latest season, significantly altering the map from its original design, and a new Observation Blocker will help Defenders cover their movement and strategies without Attackers spying with their drones. 

Operation Dread Factor is coming to Siege on May 30. 

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