Rainbow Six Siege Operation Commanding Force will introduce new anti-toxicity measure for abusive voice chat

The players will be muted by default.

A new Rainbow Six Siege Reputation Penalty automatically mutes players with a history of toxic voice communications to prevent disruptive behavior. 

Toxic teammates can disrupt the experience for the entire lobby, especially if theyre using voice chat. Siege requires communication and teamwork to win, and a toxic player can easily derail an otherwise positive experience. 

Operation Commanding Force is adding a new anti-toxicity measure as a Reputation Penalty to punish repeat offenders that abuse voice chat. 

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The new Reputation Penalty mutes repeat offenders by default. The muted players can still use voice chat but will only be heard by players that choose to unmute them. This will prevent them from immediately disrupting the game by preventing communication with other players. 

The new anti-toxicity measure is a welcomed addition in the first season of Year Eight. Console players can also expect help to combat users that use a mouse and keyboard on consoles. The new Mousetrap gameplay update will detect mouse and keyboard users and add input lag to encourage fair gameplay and remove the unfair advantage. Completing a match with a controller will remove the lag input. 

Players can also expect the new attacker Brava and her Kludge Drone gadget, which can turn defender electronics against them. New Beginner and Speciality challenges will also be added in the new season, helping new and returning players learn the ropes with ease. 

Operation Commanding Force launches on March 7. 

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