Rainbow Six Siege Operation Commanding Force adds operator adjustments, Bravo Pack Ticket, and more

Quality-of-life updates are always appreciated.

Rainbow Six Siege Commanding Force is adding several quality-of-life and gameplay improvements, including an update to Zero, playlist adjustments, and the new Bravo Pack Ticket. 

The muzzle break and compensator attachments are receiving significant changes in the new season. The muzzle break is increasing from 45 percent to 50 percent, and the compensator is increasing from 15 percent to 35 percent. 

Zero gadget is also receiving an update, making it slightly more effective. Players will have to manually pierce the wall, which should help negate the issue of defenders destroying the gadget before it can be used. Other players can swap the sides of the camera, but they wont be able to pierce the wall. 

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The playlists will now feature three categories: Competitive, Quickplay, and Training. Each category will have a dynamic button allowing players to play the last played playlist inside the category for quick access. There is also a settings button for each category to adjust game mode preferences. 

Year Eight season ones battle pass will add the new Bravo Pack Ticket feature, allowing players to pick an exclusive award. Players that reach level 100 in the premium season battle pass will unlock the Bravo Pack Ticket, which allows them to select an exclusive reward from the Bravo Collection. 

Fans can expect updates to the battle pass UI in upcoming seasons, which should help when navigating the battle pass menus. 

Operation Commanding Force launches on March 7. 

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