Quinn names best Dota 2 players in the scene right now, and there’s one huge snub

He also omitted a fan-favorite.

Gaimin Gladiators mid laner Quinn has played well since moving from North America to Europe. He helped his team finish second in the Western Europe DPC 2023 with five wins, and is relishing what he claims is a higher level of skill and competition.

As for who he believes the most skilled players are, however, Quinn narrowed it down to threeone of which he said is so good, theyre worthy of being the top three players combined.

That player is OG legend Topson, who is currently playing with former OG teammates Ceb and N0tail for Old G, though they recently fell short of the mark before their season could take off, leaving their future a mystery.

The other players are Nigma Galaxy mid laner SumaiL and their inactive carry player Miracle-, who is taking the year off from Dota 2 due to ongoing health issues.

Quinn said theyre all the best in his eyes, so its hard to determine the order. He concluded Topson is the best mid laner, while SumaiL and Miracle are equal as hybrid carry and mid laners. Surprisingly, he didnt mention Liquids Nisha, who is widely considered to be the best player in the world right now due to his red-hot form in pro and pub games.

Perhaps hell change his mind if Nisha and Liquid continue to impress, especially if they win the Lima Major later this month. Even more so if they win The International 2023.

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