QTCindrella discusses the dark side of streaming and her possible future exit 

The toll on her mental health might force her to quit streaming.

Less than three years since her streaming debut, QTCindrella has become one of the most recognized faces in the community. She has expanded her brand beyond streaming and hosted massive events like Twitch Rivals and the Streamer Awards. QTCindrella was also signed by Misfits Gaming as a content creator, making 2022 the most successful year of her career.

But the journey has not been all flowers and roses. The star went on a podcast with Anthony Padilla, talking about how this period can also be described as the darkest time in her entire life.

For QTCindrella, organizing events with other content creators has been a way to make her and others feel included. But it has also earned her unjustified criticism from many people. In the podcast, she mentioned how hard she has worked to make her own name in the industry, yet sometimes people just introduced or recognized her as Ludwigs girlfriend.

QTCindrella revealed the negative effects her streaming career has on her mental health. I think its only a matter of time before I quit because I have lost my mind, she said, adding that  my therapist even said I have never seen an industry more trauma-inducing than this one.

The tense interactions have taken a toll on QTCindrellas mental health: 

Weve been swatted, and Ive had some pretty traumatic things happen in my life. Luckily I hadnt developed any sort of PTSD, but I have diagnosed PTSD from us getting swatted, she said. Ever since then, a car drives by our house, stomach drops. A light is outside our house, my stomach drops. I hear helicopters, my stomach drops. There have been times, I wake up in the middle of the night shaking Ludwig [thinking] were getting swatted when were not.

QTCindrella feels such prank calls that lead to swatting are not funny but miserable and traumatic. I dont know when Ill be able to sleep through the night. she said. Ive never been more suicidal in my entire life. Its a very scary thing.

Despite being subjected to such depressing situations, QTCindrella is also proud of the change she brought into the industry through her work. Bringing people together. Its the only thing that currently gives me purpose, she said. A lot of people have said like, Hey QT, youve really inspired me to do this. 

She is still going strong and is planning to organize a seven-day baking competition on her Twitch channel. The series will be called Master Baker and will feature seven streamers, with a participant getting eliminated each day. 

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