Purified Gems failing to work as intended enrage Pokémon Go players instead

Some think it could be a bug.

Pokémon Go players are angered and confused by Purified Gems, one of two new items added alongside Shadow Raids on May 22 to subdue enraged Shadow Raid Bosses and make them easier to defeat. Its not because they dont know how to use them. Instead, its because they seem to be failing to work in some instances.

Some players claim to have used as many as five Purified Gems on a target without it doing anything. When it happens, the number of Purified Gems doesnt seem to go down either. Others said higher-level Shadow Raid Bosses need more than five to be subdued, but a team of four used 15 Purified Gems on a tier three Shadow Raid Boss, and it had no effect.

Rather than being an outright bug, a handful of Pokémon players think it happens because an attack animation is canceling it. This doesnt seem intentional, in their view, and the solution is to stop attacking until the Shadow Raid Boss has been successfully subdued by any number of Purified Gems.

That’s not the only thing confusing them, either. Some players have noticed the number of Purified Gems theyre holding exceeds 10, which is supposed to be the limit.

It turns out, however, theres a logical explanation for this. It happens when Pokémon players receive two or more Purified Gems when holding nine. The same thing happens with other items that have limits, too.

It seems like the new feature has gotten off to a rocky start, regardless of whether its because of a bug or because players havent been informed about them in enough detail. Either way, players dont sound impressed so far. Some have even described it as appalling, and theyre calling on Niantic to address it.

Since features like Adventure Sync still dont work, theyre not holding their breath.

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