PROJECT: Summoner’s Rift map for League made by fans looks too good to be true

Jump into the future.

While Riot Games hasn’t answered players’ requests for a custom-made Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends for a long time, some modders have.

Modders from have created PROJECT: Summoner’s Rift, an iteration of the five-versus-five map that takes place in a popular PROJECT universe. The map was revealed on Jan. 2 by a YouTube League content creator, Ryscu.

In the description of the video, Ryscu adds that the map will be available “in one week,” so players should be able to enjoy the revamped, fan-made Summoner’s Rift as soon as on Jan. 9, next Monday.

It can be spotted from the get-go that the map is modded, as some textures and elements of look just a bit outdated and unpolished. Either way, the modders have done a fantastic job.

PROJECT: Summoner’s Rift features a futuristic map, which looks like taken straight from the Sound City (the city in which the universe of PROJECT takes place). The map is full of reactors, neon lamps, and shining platforms, which makes you think that’s how Sound City would be built. It even has a modified Baron Nashor, which looks like a cybernetic monstrosity taken out straight from the future.

PROJECT itself is a series of alternate future skins in League, which has three separate skin lines: Cyber Pop, Program, and PROJECT. All of them depict League’s champions as characters with additional cybernetic enhancements and artificial intelligence.

Players have been asking Riot to bring back the map themes for Summoner’s Rift for quite some time now. Last June, one of the devs said that the developers are “exploring ways” to do this, though, there have been no updates on the topic since then.

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