Pro player leaks details about Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s map and gameplay

Metaphor, the “best Warzone sniper” revealed details about Warzone 2 and gave his impressions.

After the Activision document leak that teased the global launch date of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, the game has frequently been discussed among fans of the franchise. We now have some more information about the upcoming game from Metaphor, a well-known Warzone streamer and ex-League of Legends pro player. 

According to a post on Reddit, Metaphor has claimed to have seen the Warzone 2 map and gameplay against bots. Apart from talking about the game, he also answered some key questions.

Metaphor describes the Warzone 2 map as beautiful in the game. He confirms it looks gorgeous visually, the buildings are detailed on the inside better, and the movement is more grounded.

When asked about the gameplay and skill level of the game, he said he saw people shoot bots on the preset difficulty in Multiplayer and standard difficulty for DMZ. One of the key points he highlights is that there is no slide canceling in the game, making it feel more like Call of Duty 4

Regarding the gunplay in Warzone 2, Metaphor said the high AR recoil shown in the released trailer was completely fake. He has even seen gameplay of 3 unconfirmed snipers and he feels it looks good. 

When asked if the map looks like Verdansk in any way, Metaphor said it looks like a mix of Blackout and Caldera.

Because none of the claims have been confirmed by either Activision or Infinity Ward, Call of Duty fans should take everything with a pinch of salt. With the reported release date of Warzone 2 approaching, we are bound to get some more concrete details if the leaks are true.

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