Prime Gaming releases new free Overwatch 2 skin that will have players stoked for the summer

Get ready to ride the open water.

Prime Gaming introduced its latest offering for Overwatch 2 today in the form of a Legendary skin that will have players ready to catch some wavesand hopefully Wsthis summer.

Starting today, players can go to Prime Gaming and redeem the legendary Waveracer skin for D.Va simply by clicking the purple Get in-game content button after connecting their Prime Gaming account through Amazon with their account.

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This skin, which turns D.Vas mech into a white jet ski with cool blue floral accents, comes complete with a beach-ready pilot form as well. The small pilot is wearing a water vest that matches her mechs accents, and the rest of her outfit is a reddish pink.

Blizzard originally released this skin in 2018 as a part of the limited-time Summer Games event, which happens every year. During Overwatchs Summer Games events, previous years skins could be claimed through loot boxes or in-game currency.

Earlier this year, some fans complained on the games forums that the skin was unavailable to purchase with Overwatch credits, despite most legacy content being available that way. And now, it seems as though we know why that was probably the case. Blizzard was likely preventing players from using credits on the skin knowing that many people would be able to obtain it for completely free relatively soon.

This skin will remain redeemable through Prime Gaming until June 22. At that point, its unclear if the skin will be vaulted or if players will be able to purchase it using Overwatch credits, assuming they dont have Prime Gaming.

Prime Gaming is often a great source of free Overwatch 2 content. Last month, Prime Gaming members received $10 worth of battle pass experience, and in the past, they have been awarded various other in-game cosmetics.

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