Prime Gaming members can get 3 free Overwatch loot boxes

The offer is only available "for a limited time."

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch players can receive three free standard loot boxes as part of a promotion with Prime Gaming.

To obtain the loot boxes, players will need to be active Prime Gaming subscribers. Prime Gaming is included for free with Amazon Prime memberships. After subscribing, interested players must connect their account to Prime Gaming and visit the site’s Overwatch landing page. They’ll then need to manually claim the offer by clicking on the highlighted tab. Once they’ve claimed it, the loot boxes will be available the next time they log into Overwatch. If you’re a part of an Amazon Household with multiple people, only one person can claim the offer.

The free loot boxes are standard rather than legendary or golden, meaning they have the same rarity odds as other regular loot boxes. The offer is only available “for a limited time,” but there isn’t an end date listed on the Prime Gaming landing page. It’s best to claim the loot boxes as quickly as possible if you’re interested.

Blizzard and Prime Gaming have previously offered three standard loot boxes to Prime Gaming subscribers, as well as legendary loot boxes and golden loot boxes, both of which contain at least one guaranteed legendary cosmetic. Once Overwatch 2 is released, Blizzard and Prime Gaming will likely start offering other rewards since that game will not contain loot boxes but will instead have a battle pass and a redesigned in-game shop.

Overwatch 2 releases on Oct. 4. Overwatch is available now.

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