Prime Gaming launches into autumn with spooky Octane skin in Apex Legends

Let's get skeletal.

Another new month of Apex Legends means another new month for Prime Gaming rewards, and Octane players are in for a special treat this month just in time for spooky season. The new Prime Gaming bundle features the new Epic Octane skin Radioactive, bathing Octane and some assorted cosmetics in a ghoulish green glow.

Theres extensive animation included in the legend skin, with pulsing and moving neon green effects visible on just about every part of Octanes skin. Theres also a new design on his facemask that changes out the regular teeth pattern with a skull-like mouth, which only enhances the feel of this skin as one that wouldnt feel out of place in a Halloween collection.

Really, so much work has been done in terms of animation and design on the original skin model that this skin looks more like a Legendary than an Epic-tier rarity. Its a great skin thats nearly guaranteed to be a hit with Octane mains, who have never been a group afraid of standing out on the battlefield.

In addition to the new legend skin, theres also a Rare weapon skin for the CAR, Lumbar Puncture, and a Banner Frame offering called Spinal. Both cosmetics make liberal use of the same glowing green color, and both feature a skeletal spine running the length of the gun and banner frame, respectively. All told, its definitely a bundle that will look good with the rest of the Halloween-themed skins that will inevitably be released in October. But these ones are completely free.

To grab these Prime Gaming skins, youll need to head over to the Apex page on the Prime Gaming website, make sure your accounts are linked, and claim your rewards. Once youve finished those steps, the cosmetics should be available for you, and youll get a message thanking you for using Prime Gaming the next time you log into your Apex client.

Remember, this Prime Gaming bundle will be available for free for Prime Gaming members for one month, and then it will be gone for good. No Prime Gaming skin has ever returned to the game. If you like the skin, make sure you grab it at your earliest convenience.

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