Prime Gaming gifts players an exclusive Vantage bundle in Apex Legends

Ever wanted to be a Girl Scout in the Outlands? Now you can.

Respawn and Amazon have revealed the first Prime Gaming drop for season 14 of Apex Legends, and it focuses on the new legend Vantage.

Starting today, Prime Gaming subscribers can claim a Vantage bungle that includes the epic Troop Leader Vantage skin, the rare Overachiever Flatline skin, and the rare All Patched Up Vantage banner frame. All three cosmetics are themed around scout badges, which fit Vantage’s outdoorsy personality perfectly.

To receive the bundle, players can head to the Apex landing page on the Prime Gaming website. You’ll need to have an active Amazon Prime subscription to be eligible. Connect your EA account to your Prime account by logging in to both accounts and following the instructions on the Prime Gaming website. Note that an EA account can only be linked to one Prime account, and you can only unlink your accounts once within a six-month time frame.

After linking your accounts, you’ll need to manually claim the reward by clicking on the highlighted “Claim” button on the Apex landing page. Once you’ve claimed the bundle, it will be added to the cosmetics section of your game the next time you log in and you’ll be able to equip its contents immediately. If you’re part of an Amazon Household with multiple people, only one person can claim the bundle.

There are usually several Prime Gaming bundles made available during each season, so there will likely be skins and banner frames available for other legends later on in season 14.

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