Preorders open for 2023 Apex Legends cookbook promising recipes and lore

It definitely smells like pork chops.

Apex Legends and its developers at Respawn Entertainment have a habit of coming up with innovative ways to deliver the lore of the Apex Games to players. From teasers players can find while playing a match to animated comics and print books, there’s a lot to learn about the Outlands and its inhabitants for a game that’s technically without any sort of campaign or story mode.

That trend certainly doesn’t seem like it’s stopping any time soon, with the discovery of an Apex cookbook that will apparently be available on Amazon in 2023.

First found yesterday by Apex content creator and news source Garret, the listing is very real and includes a fairly extensive description of what can be found within it. In addition to including full recipes and possibly new lore Apex fans can sink their teeth into, there will be genuine recipes that people who buy the book can make for themselves. The cookbook is also narrated by Mirage and Pathfinder, which is sure to make this all a delicious trainwreck of a read.

Some highlighted recipes include a Leviathan Stew made by Pathfinder (can Pathfinder even taste food?), Gran Abuela’s Flan by Vantage, and cookies from Lifeline appropriately called “Pas Me Dat Suga.” And, considering Mirage is involved in all of this, there will probably be pork chops involved at some point.

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The cookbook will cost $34.99 and will be a hardcover book. Presumably, this is a tongue-in-cheek sequel to Apex‘s only other printed book of lore, Pathfinder’s Quest. And while there’s no guarantee fans will get the same amount of lore in the cookbook, it’s sure to be a solid addition to the collection for the Apex addict in your life.

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