Portuguese ALGS page appears to leak information for year three

Most of the dates included in the leaks are subject to change, however.

After waiting for more than a month on more information regarding the next season of the Apex Legends Global Series, ALGS fans seemed to get a glimmer of insight into the next year of competition by way of the Portuguese language ALGS page. 

Vinícius “Caffezin” Coffoni discovered the info, a coach for Brazilian ALGS team GØDFIRE, who competed in both international LANs held by ALGS in year two of the competition. Caffe posted screenshots of the alleged year three info to the Competitive Apex subreddit, where he translated the pages for English speakers.

As Caffe noted in the post, most of the dates seem like placeholders, and all the info in the post is subject to change, but it does give viewers a sense of how things may shake out in the next season of ALGS. Most notable is how several Redditors note that the page states that only eight teams will qualify for each region’s Pro League from the Pro League qualifiers, which seemingly indicates that the size of each Pro League is shrinking from 40 teams to 30. Caffe stated that Pro League would feature 30 times as far as he knew but that the number was not confirmed yet, and that so far, the total was “only thoughts,” not a hard number.

The dates provided will almost certainly be changed, as no information has been officially released on Pro League qualifiers as of yet. The images Caffe provided list the start date for the first Pro League qualifier as today, Aug. 27. That is obviously not happening, so it stands to reason all these dates could be pushed back a bit. Still, the dates listed follow a very similar pattern to the last season of ALGS play, with qualifiers occurring in the fall, the first split of Pro League and Split One playoffs happening in the winter, Split Two and the Split Two Playoffs happening in the spring, and the year three championship targeting a summer 2023 window.

As it’s all information that will clearly change, none of the dates listed nor a 30-team Pro League can yet be confirmed for ALGS year three. However, given that the information is coming from the coach of a pro team whose own instincts match up neatly with several bits of info on the page, it’s still possible that some of this leaked information may be accurate and not just placeholder info on a page that accidentally went live.

Players will still need to wait for official confirmation of the ALGS year three dates and detailed information, which ALGS organizers initially indicated would be announced several weeks ago. But with September nearly here, it stands to reason that the official announcement will come soon.

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