Popular Overwatch League MVP skins make triumphant return to in-game shop

You can finally score the legendary Zen-nakji skin.

Overwatch 2 players are swimming in new skins right now as season two kicks off, but Overwatch League fans may have to make some extra space in their proverbial closets for some returning favorites. 

Some of the leagues most popular limited-time skins are coming out of the vault this week, giving fans a chance to add them to their collections in Overwatch 2. Two of the biggest draws are previous MVP skins, which were once only available for a short time during the years they were released. 

Fans can get Fletas Good vs. Evil Echo skin, which commemorated the Shanghai Dragons DPS and his domination on the aerial hero during the 2020 season, starting today, Dec. 6. Old-school Overwatch League aficionados can also acquire JJoNaKs Zen-nakji skin, long considered one of the best Zenyatta skins available in the game. 

A love letter to one of the most everlasting Overwatch League metas of all time, the Brigitte GOAT skin is also coming out of the vault today. Not everyone was a huge fan of the GOATS meta, but this bright and cheery skin is much easier to enjoy. 

Two of the Overwatch Leagues champion skinscreated to commemorate teams that win Grand Finalswill also be available starting today. The San Francisco Shocks 2020 Midas Roadhog skin is up for grabs, giving the stalwart tank a fiery, gold makeover. Shanghai Dragons fans will want to nab the Zhulong Sombra skin, a red and black outfit that honors the teams 2021 championship win. 

All returning skins cost 300 Overwatch League tokens individually, but multiple skin bundles are available. The Champions bundle includes both Zhulong Sombra and Midas Roadhog for 500 OWL tokens. Similarly, the Meta bundle includes GOAT Brigitte, Zen-nakji Zenyatta, and Good vs. Evil Echo for 700 tokens. 

Other previous Overwatch League skins, like the inaugural season championship Winston skin, are still available in the Overwatch 2 shop.    

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