Pokimane speeds into disaster in Overwatch 2 beta

That's not how it was supposed to go.

Pokimane’s Lucio plans went a little awry during a recent Overwatch 2 beta stream.

In the clip, Pokimane set up for an attack on one of the beta’s new maps. Right before the doors open, she told her teammates that she was going to speed boost them to the objective as Lucio. As the doors opened and the match began, she takes a single step forward only to receive a headshot from the enemy Hanzo, played by none other than Seagull. The clip ends with a very surprised Pokimane reeling at the quick death.


The readjustment of crowd control abilities to tanks as well as the switch to 5v5 matchups has given characters like Genji, Tracer, and Lucio more power than they’ve had in quite a while. Lucio’s ability to give extra speed and mobility to his team means he’s a great choice for teams that want to reach an objective quickly and coordinate their movement as Pokimane was attempting to do. As shown by the clip, though, a sharp-shooting Hanzo can still often win out over even the most mobile heroes.

The current Overwatch 2 beta features four new maps: Circuit Royal, an escort map; Midtown, a hybrid map; and New Queen Street and Colosseo, both Push maps. Players familiar with Overwatch know that speeding out of their spawn location as soon as the doors open can often be a recipe for disaster, and it’s clear that this still holds true on the beta’s new maps. Hopefully, Pokimane will be a little luckier the next time she wants to speed boost her team to victory.

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