Pokimane and xQc: VALORANT is ‘killing’ its Twitch content

The two had harsh words for the tactical FPS.

After a three-week delay, Pokimane and xQc’s podcast finally had its inaugural episode yesterday. The broadcast ran for five hours with the two streamers discussing a wide variety of topics, which included VALORANT, a game that they both occasionally play.

Naturally, with xQc and Pokimane both being Twitch streamers, the subject of content was the center of their conversation, and the two seemed to agree that the game is “killing” its own content on the Amazon-owned platform.

The podcast’s discussion shifted to VALORANT when some chatters expressed that they believe the game will be the next big thing on Twitch. Pokimane and xQc disagreed with the viewers, believing the game’s future on the platform could be hindered by the volume of professional tournaments being broadcast on Twitch.

“I fucking hate the way VALORANT functions on Twitch. I love the game to death, but they stream professional games like every fucking day.” Pokimane said. “I feel like they are killing their own content on Twitch by streaming pro games every day. Just make it a weekend thing.”


XQc agreed with Pokimane and pointed out the similarities between VALORANT and CS:GO. The Twitch star explained that CS:GO would broadcast multiple tournaments every day on Twitch, in addition to reruns of previous matches, making it difficult for viewers to find the streams they were looking for.

The two Twitch personalities concluded their discussion about VALORANT by expressing their problems with Watch Parties for the game’s professional tournaments, believing that they decrease the interaction between viewers and the streamer.

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