Pokémon UNITE launching UNITE Membership in-game subscription

The service will give players exclusive Holowear, additional bonuses, and not much else.

TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company are launching a new in-game subscription service for Pokémon UNITE that will give players access to exclusive rewards, new bonuses, and the ability to trial certain items in the game for free. 

The UNITE Membership will run players roughly $8.99 per month, the main appeal of this service will be a 40 Aeos Gem bonus per day and access to an exclusive Holowear of the Month. 

Image via TiMi Studio

The actual meat of the subscription will likely be lacking for hardcore UNITE players, as outside of the unique monthly Holowear, which starts with a Sitrus Berry-themed Greedent, the rest of the offerings focus on trials for items and Pokémon. 

Each week, UNITE Membership subscribers will be given two additional free trials for select Pokémon Unite Licenses, allowing them to be used in certain matchmaking lobbies. Additionally, players can trial two Holowear items for free per week. 

Members will also get exclusive quick chat options and special Icon Frames to use with their profile. Additionally, a permanent 10 percent discount is available on Trainer Fashion items, as long as the items have been out for more than one week. 

To entice players to subscribe, when the service goes live, new members will also receive a Trainer Fashion set themed around Hoopa. A start date for Unite Memberships has not been decided on yet, but more details will be shared when they become available.

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