Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s next raid event will highlight a Gen. 6 favorite

Everyone loves previous-generation starters.

The next Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Battle Event will feature Chesnaught, the Grass and Fighting-type starter Pokémon introduced in Generation VI who evolves from Chespin and Quilladin. The event’s first wave will occur between May 12 and 14, followed by a second one a week later between May 19 and 21.

Like other starters from previous generations that have headlined Tera Raid Battle Events, it will be a Seven-Star Raidthe hardest and most extreme tier.

It will be available only to those who have completed the Scarlet and Violet story, including Victory Road, Starfall Street, Path of Legends, the end-game Academy Ace Tournament, and finished a number of Six-Star Raids.

The Chesnaught in the event will have the Rock Tera Type, as well as the Mightiest Mark, which applies to all Pokémon caught in Seven Star Raids. It will also, as per usual, come with The Unrivaled title. Like them, however, it wont be easy to topple. Players will need to pick something that counters its Type and Tera Type and team up with others to have a chance to catch it across the limited window.

Some players have suggested using Annihilape because it resists Rock-type moves, is immune to Fighting-type moves, and has already proven to be good against others in Tera Raids. Others are leaning more toward Toxicroak and Gholdengo, both of which can resist its Grass, Fighting, and Rock-type moves.

That being said, counter-picking is not enough on its own. Coming into the battle with the right moveset and items and having good synergy with allies Pokémon, in addition to counter-picking it, is the key to victory. The community is already banding together to figure out the finer details.

Its also important to note that, while you can only catch Chesnaught one time, you can participate in the Tera Raid as many times as youd like through the event, whether its to help others catch it, farm the rewards for defeating it offers, or simply enjoy the thrill.

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