Pokémon Go’s Master Ball uses special animations to prevent players from screwing up

That's a relief.

Pokémon Go‘s Master Ball is joining the game today, May 22, and players will be thrilled to learn that thanks to a throw animation, they can’t miss their shot and lose the item.

When players throw the Master Ball, it automatically activates a special animation that will result in the ball catching the Pokémon wherever they aim, according to footage from Pokémon Go dataminer PokéMiners.

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It was quickly spotted that the Master Ball’s catch animation in Pokémon Go is highly similar to the one from Let’s Go games. It features the same starry background and purple flare, with the ball’s trajectory the only real difference.

Some fans called this laziness from the developer, expressing growing concerns over the game’s quality since the raise of Remote Raid Pass prices in April and a decreasing number of active players over the last few months.

In a separate tweet, PokéMiners also showcased the cutscene players will receive when completing the Special Research that launched on May 22. This cutscene will occur when players receive the free Master Ball as a reward.

It features a pod that will open and shows the precious item, notifying it’s been added to the player’s inventory.

It’s the first time this iconic Pokémon item has joined Pokémon Go, and the developer hinted at more of them being added in the future. But it’s still unclear how they’ll be obtained and if they’ll be available for free.

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